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Kathy O' Dair's Visit

January 2019

My first trip to India and experience of the IIMC mission in action. I travelled with Ivy Silk, the UK Coordinator and her daughter, Jane. Jane and I work as practice nurses here in the UK.


Ivy's visit to IIMC Kolkata

January/February 2012

Report of visit to IIMC Kolkata by Ivy Silk retired nurse & UK Coordinator in January/February 2012

childrens festival 2015.jpg

The Children's Festival

January 2015

The Children's Festival is a big annual event held to celebrate the work of IIMC. Ivy attended the 20th Annual Children's Festival in January 2015.

IIMC School Children with foreign volunt

Visit : Ivy Silk and Kathy Strickland

January/February 2011

Report of visit to IIMC Kolkata by Ivy Silk and Kathy Strickland in January/February 2011


Visit to Indopur Island by Jane Couch (UK Nurse Volunteer)

January 2017

This is my visit to Indopur Island  the most distant island supported by IIMC in the Bay of Bengal.

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