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Institute for Indian Mother & Child (UK)

IIMC UK Coordinator

13 Olivers Close Potten End
Hertfordshire HP4 2SL
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1442 871937

Website: iimcuk.org.uk

Email: iimcukcoordinator@gmail.com 

IIMC India

Institute for Indian Mother & Child

14B, N.N. Ghosh Lanebr
(Near Karunamoyee Bridge)
Tollygunge, Kolkata – 700040, India

Tel: 9831182956
Tel: 9875480380

Website: iimcmissioncal.org

Email: iimcmission@gmail.com

©  IIMC (UK)  Registered Charity No. 1066834 

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