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Visit to Indopur Island

Feb 2017

By Jane Couch (UK Nurse Volunteer)

6-30am start to visit the most distant island supported by IIMC in the Bay of Bengal.

Network meeting only held once a year, due to the distance from IIMC headquarters.

I was accompanied by Graduate Social Worker-Gary from Goria

En route we picked up Iqbal-IIMC Medical Services, and Sulie from The Network programme.

We drove for 3 hours, stopping at a port for breakfast, of torn bread and dhal.

Then onto a packed boat. I had to sit on the floor for an hour and a half. Next travelling in a motor van for 1 and a half hours. 

I got chilly when it rained. The island not so pretty as others.

I  gave a network talk on Hygiene and Burns.

After we gave prizes to the school children for their Sports Day; The school is not an IIMC school, but supported by them.

The prizes were plastic jugs!


Next lunch-Rice, Dhal, potato, egg, fish and tomato chutney.

The journey home was long and cold.

The island has problems with Tigers coming into the village and taking small animals. The people worry for the safety of the children.

The Resident team from IIMC did some shopping en-route home, knowing that fruit and vegetables are very cheap in those parts. 6 Rupees (like 6 UK pennies) for a kilo of tomatoes.

A long and interesting day. Home at 9-30pm and a good night’s sleep.

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