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Solar Lamps

It is estimated that over one third of India’s rural population do not have electricity. Tens of thousands of Indian villages are not connected to the country's power grid or have no access to uninterrupted power supply.

Many who are born in these villages usually live most of their lives without electricity.

The Cow Project

The Cow Project was  introduced in 2013 by IIMC director Dr S.K. Brahmachary.

Dhaki Campus

Dhaki is a rural remote village deep in the delta of river Ganga, 90 km south of Kolkata. 90% of the people of this area do not see a doctor when they are ill, 40 % cannot read or write and 30% are living below poverty level.

Safe Drinking Water

Proposal for the installation of Water Purifier Machines in needy areas in IIMC - Sikshangan Prosadpur
School in a remote area in India.

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