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Report of visit to IIMC - January/February 2012

By Ivy Silk-retired nurse & UK Sponsor

The main idea of IIMC is to help people to be self sufficient, rather than give charity.
Rural women groups are formed to encourage them to take social responsibility, and to educate them in Health Programmes with visiting teams from IIMC.
At one of these "Network" meetings that I attended, the names of all the women who came, were taken, then at the end of the session were given an egg and a small loaf of bread, so encouraging them to attend further meetings.
Malnutrition in India is defined by the WHO as the "Major & Silent Problem". The high rate of malnutrition & anemia in pregnant women, in many cases,leads to chronic intrauterine retardation growth, and to the birth of infants underweight for their age.
Low cost diets are provided to mothers & children by IIMC.
I visited Bally Island in the Suderman Delta, where villagers had requested the support of IIMC. In the visiting team were Sibir from the micro-credit bank, Dipanita from the Women's peace council, Jhuna from Health and Education and 2 Italian volunteers Caterina & Valeria.
All felt that this rural village was in need of the support of IIMC. It will start with a Health programme, then Education. After this is implemented, a micro-credit bank will be planned.
The new Handicap centre is progressing well. It is to be the home for 52 girls. It is 1/2 mile from the headquarters in Sonapur.
Prosadpur School is having an additional class room built, but the attached micro-credit bank is having "construction problems" at the moment.
I accompanied 2 visiting Dentist from Italy to a new sponsored school to check on 300 children's teeth, sadly we were late & 250 of the children had gone home!! Quite a number to the children's teeth were not perfect, mainly due to poor cleaning & too much sugar.
Altogether-another valuable visit. Old & new projects flourishing. All participants of IIMC are to be congratulated for their continuing endeavours for the rural people of West Bengal.
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