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Dr Sujit 's visit to Austria and Switzerland

From the 21st to the 27th of May 2023, Dr Sujit, accompanied by Barnali, travelled to Austria and Switzerland.

By Dr Sujit:

On 21-27th May, I was traveling to Austria and Swiss, Barnali joined me. For the last few years because of the COVID situation and other reasons I couldn't travel there so Our Mission was a bit disconnected.

We covered 7 Universities with lectures and presentation. We had several organisational meeting and many pocket meetings. All previous contacts and connections have been reconstructed and reconnected.

Thank you all Austrian and Swiss IIMC committee, all students, professors and supporting friends. You took so good care of us and organised so well and cordially. We not only enjoyed our trip but we also had all the encouragements, energy and inspirational power to continue the whole activities of our IIMC Mission.

Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continuous Friendship which keeps us going On and On........ So We Shall Do Something More For Our Underprivileged Fellow Citizens.

Greetings from Barnali and all IIMC Members.


IIMC Mission, Kolkata.


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