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"Thank you IIMC for the education you gave us" a heartfelt letter from Rahita(twin)

Dear Ivy,

I am glad that I had the chance to meet you and your team on the Republic day at the office of IIMC, India. It is my pleasure to write about the support that IIMC has provided to me during my days of need without which it would have been very hard for me to become what I am today.


At a very early stage, after the sad demise of my father, it was very hard for my mother to make the ends meet. Although me and my twin sister had always been excellent in school, it was very hard for her to manage our schooling expenses which was impacting our studies.


On a fine day, one of my friend's mother informed me of the organization IIMC. And we had the opportunity to meet its co-founder, Barnali Bramhochary. We presented our school score card when asked and she was surprised to see such good grades. Despite the rule that only one child can be sponsored per family, she offered to give sponsorship to both of us. She has a big heart and said both of you are equally deserving. Finally I received sponsorship from Germany(199) and my sister, Ranita Majumder received it from New Zealand (12).


In the year 2013, We passed our high school with excellent marks. During this time my mother joined IIMC as a coordinator of the Women Peace Council. Today both of us have successfully graduated in Engineering and are working in reputed companies. We received sponsorship till we finished our final year of college. During our hardest times the support of IIMC embarked upon us goodly. The journey had been hectic and IIMC didn't let our ship sink and kept us going forward. I feel grateful to have the support of IIMC. We are very pleased to Dr. Sujit Bramhochary & Barnali Bramhochary for their immense contribution towards society. Thank you IIMC.




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