IIMC, Institute for Indian Mother & Child, is an Indian non-governmental organization with its main headquarters in Kolkata, India. They work to improve the lives of the poorest people living in the rural villages of West Bengal by providing education for their children,  medical and healthcare for the villagers, setting up programs to empower the women and running  development projects like building toilets and constructing tube wells.

IIMC UK  supports IIMC India by running a Child Sponsorship program, sending volunteers to India and donating to projects.  Our sponsors are amongst those in the 27 countries who sponsor a child through IIMC’s Education and Child Sponsorship programme. Our volunteers have taken part in administering medical help in the clinics provided for the villagers by IIMC. Donations from UK sponsors go towards the running of projects like the cow project and various women empowerment programmes.


Cyclone Yos​

In May  2020 last year,  Super Cyclone Amphan ravaged through IIMC Kolkata and parts of West Bengal adding to the hardship the people have been experiencing from the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. This year it's Cyclone Yos. The cyclone which was building up its attack since 24 May 2021 has struck.  Read more...






The World Health Organisation declared the Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on 11th March. India was in lockdown from the end of March. IIMC's mission - schools, health centres and mothers' microcredit units were locked down.

Since the start of the lockdown Dr Sujit Brahmochary, the IIMC team and volunteers have been hard at work. They have been shopping, buying things wholesale, packaging food and essential commodities for distribution.

The COVID-19 Respond Team have been everywhere - in the rural villages, medical centres and hospitals - distributing the 'Food and Essentials' packages.

Thousands of packs have been given to families of daily wage earners and floating labourers who have not been able to work. "The very poor, destitute and daily labourers have no work and have no food." Dr Sujit Brahmochary.

Our sponsors and trustees have been donating generously to help IIMC get through this difficult time.

"Thank you, everyone, for your donation and contribution during this catastrophic crisis period,"  Dr Sujit Brahmochary.


Read updates on Dr Sujit ,IIMC and the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus Pandemic

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IIMC - a Documentary

IIMC started off with one clinic in 1989. Dr. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary, a specialist in paediatrics, opened a clinic to meet the need for medical help in West Bengal. Today IIMC run more than 8 clinics -- most of them in rural villages where medical help is scarce.