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A Thank-you letter from a sponsored child from 2013

This is Priyanka Singh. I live in a village on the outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I graduated last year and currently pursuing Post Graduation in Chemical Science at University of Hyderabad,Institution of Eminence, Hyderabad, India.

I had been sponsored from Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC), Kolkata since I was in class vii (from 2013).Back then, I was in my High School. I used to be very keen about learning new languages, Geometry, History… and was very focused on my daily

based learning whether it was from classrooms or surroundings.

My father was a farmer. He used to farm paddy and vegetables on lands. It was very difficult for him to run the family and bear my educational expenses along with it. My mother soon realised about the financial difficulties for my future studies. She got to know about IIMC sponsorship from one of her friends and contacted there.

I was very lucky that Ivy and Jane (from England 139) chose me to sponsor for my studies through IIMC and they continued the sponsorship for the next 10 years. In 2016, I passed Secondary final examination with 94% score and was awarded as school topper. Two years later, I scored 90% in Higher Secondary final examination with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology as the combination.

During that time, I found Chemical Science more interesting and used to like the way it is submerged to Biology and Mathematics. I used to love to learn the facts and logics behind lots of physical phenomena that are leaded by chemical reactions and how nature allows them to happen.

I appeared for the College Entrance Test and got selected(in 2019)to study Chemistry major at Presidency University, Kolkata. I graduated in the year 2022 with 8.3 CGPA overall. At present, I am aiming to be a Chemist.

During all those years, Ivy, Jane and IIMC helped me in various ways. They literally used to bear all the expenses from my school uniform to drawing box. Even I was gifted a bicycle so that I could travel everyday to my school easily. Not only these, I learnt from them how to evolve as a person, how to support and be compassionate to other needy people. IIMC used to offer classes on self defence, menstrual hygiene, women empowerment, craft making … and all these contents made me more and more knowledgeable.

I am so blessed that I could able to meet such nice people like Ivy, Jane and their family through IIMC. All of them are very close to my heart. I am very much grateful to them as they always kept believing and supporting me.

Thank you IIMC. Love you Ivy and Jane.


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