Coronavirus Pandemic - Updates

September 2021

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COVID care Nutritious Diet Package

IIMC COVID19 support team and frontline workers prepare and distribute the 'COVID Care Nutritious Diet Package' to Covid19-affected families.  Each package contains 20 types of ready food and essentials. 

The video shows IIMC distributing food in a coastal IIMC School used as a shelter home for families affected by Cyclone Yos.

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Monsoon Catastrophe in Bengal

Kolkata & the southern part of Bengal suffered flooding from the torrential Monsoon. Most of the IIMC centers and villages were under water and people are stuck and locked in their villages. 

September 2021 Update 

Monsoon Catastrophe in Bengal

Here are some pictures of how the people, mostly IIMC mothers and children, in remote coastal areas coped with cyclone Yos. The cyclone which was building up its attack since 24 May 2021 has struck.


Thinking in advance, Dr. Sujit made arrangements of sheltering the most vulnerable people by turning all schools near the coastal areas into cyclone shelters. Dhaki School and Sub-Centre is one of the places used. 

Here is a short note from Dr Sujit:

Kolkata & southern part of Bengal suffering with heavy Torrential Monsoon Rain water.
Most of the IIMC centers and villages around us are under water and people are water locked.
COVID, Lock Down, Cyclone and now Torrential Monsoon Rain Water – one after one catastrophe – very unfortunate situation, in any way we all
IIMC volunteers are active and trying to organise to manage the situation. We shall overcome the challenges and shall continue to help everyone around us.

Hope situation will improve soon. 
Greetings from all of us in our IIMC Mission.
Dr. Sujit

(May 2021)

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Super Cyclone Amphan

In May 2020, Super Cyclone Amphan ravaged through IIMC Kolkata and parts of West Bengal adding to the hardship and miseries the people have been experiencing from the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.  IIMC's volunteer team have been working their best to support everyone with food packages, medical help, mental rehabilitation and social care.

Here is a letter from Dr. Sujit on how IIMC has been coping with the Pandemic Lockdown, the Amphan Cyclone & Super Monsoon Flood.

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