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IIMC has it's mission campus in Tegharia, Sonarpur, south of Calcutta (Kolkata).

IIMC,  the Institute for Indian Mother & Child, is an Indian non-governmental organization committed to promoting literacy, empowering woman and maternal and child health.


IIMC's work is concentrated in two very populous districts in West Bengal: North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas. Both districts are  economically backward, under-developed and struggling in poverty.


IIMC has it's mission campus in Tegharia, Sonarpur, south of Calcutta (Kolkata).


IIMC UK aims to support IIMC India in their endeavour to eradicate poverty and ill health in the rural villages of West Bengal.

Our sponsors are among those in the 27 countries who sponsor a child through IIMC’s Education and Child sponsorship programme.

How IIMC UK started

In 1989 Ruth Knight (daughter of Trustee Lyn Bowen) visited India to volunteer at Mother Teresa’s charity in Calcutta. There she was greatly impressed by a young doctor (Dr Sujit Brahmochary) who was the Medical Adviser to Mother Teresa.  Mother Teresa encouraged Dr Sujit to start his own mission to work with the poorest people in the south of West Bengal.

Ruth felt that if he was to visit England, a support group could be set up. This did indeed happen & in due course a group of committed people established IIMC UK. Then began the programme of sponsorship for the education of children in the area of Sonarpur, south of Calcutta.


IIMC - a Documentary

IIMC started off with one clinic. In 1989 Dr. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary, a specialist in paediatrics, opened a clinic to meet the need for medical help in West Bengal. (Today IIMC run more than 8 clinics -- most of them in rural villages where medical help is scarce.) 

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