IIMC and Mother Teresa

Remembering Saint Teresa of Calcutta

On the occasion of the Canonisation of Mother Teresa on 4th September 2016,  Dr. Sujit Brahmochary, founder of IIMC, recalls his time meeting and working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta prior to setting up this charity, Institute for Mother & Child.

During his time as a medical student Dr Sujit was a volunteer at Mother House.  Some years later, after obtaining his medical degree and working as a pediatrician in Belgium, Dr. Sujit felt that he was being called to return to India. Through his Belgium friend, Fr. Van Exem he was introduced to Mother Teresa who invited him to work with her. He became chief medical officer of the children’s home, Shishu Bhawan.

Dr Sujit worked with Mother Teresa for two years.  Dr. Sujit says that he gained so much from her inspiration and affection which he will always treasure. He remembers that she had a very special power and charisma. As well as giving time to the sick and suffering, she would make time for all who worked with her and everyone was comfortable in her company.

One day after two years of his association with the Missionaries of Charity,  Mother Teresa directed him towards working on a mission of his own.

She told him, “ Dr. Sujit, now start your own mission. You need to work in many other places, for many more poor and sick children.

Mother Teresa inspired Dr. Sujit to branch out on his own and he eventually set up the Institution for the Indian Mother and Child. These are the words in a letter she wrote to him when he left.  

“God loves you for all the love and care and service you have given to our children at Shishu Bhawan. My gratitude to you and my prayers for you that you may grow in the love of God through the love you have for the sick and suffering children. I hope and pray that you use the gift of God in many other places for many more children. God bless you.”

The great influence which Mother Teresa had, and continues to have on Dr. Sujit is manifest in his enthusiasm for following her example in caring for the most vulnerable in society.

Dr. Sujit concludes by  stressing how Mother Teresa’s lifestyle showed others the way that they could live and work, and that her company and influence would enable and inspire others to take on responsibilities and work together for improving the needs of the poor.


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