How sponsorship funds are used

chart - how funds used



65% of sponsored funds for each child goes directly to the child, 15% goes towards the administrative cost of running projects, 10% goes to funds to support the building of schools in remote villages, 5% goes towards providing medical support for the student and 5% goes towards looking after children's amenities and family welfare.

65% Direct payment to sponsored child

  • School fees - monthly
  • Private tuition fess – monthly
  • Uniform, shoes, bags –yearly or twice yearly
  • Tiffin – monthly (as in midday meal)
  • Stationery – monthly or per weekly as needed
  • Books – yearly (twice if necessary)
  • Sick Allowance  (as required)
  • Cultural fees – monthly (Music, Dance, Drawing)
  • Food (specific)
  • Travelling – monthly (specific)



15% Project Running Costs

  • Monthly Honorarium of Volunteers
  • Administrative Expenses





10% Spread-up Education Program

  • Construction of new school buildings in remote villages

5% Medical Support

  • Student health check-up (once in 6 months)
  • Student eye check-up (once in 6 months)
  • Student dental check-up camp



5% Children Amenities and Family Welfare

  • Family Support- financial support for social events like weddings, death, etc
  • Incidental Expenses - financial support for natural calamities like floods
  • Housing Program - building houses for the poorest people
  • Annual Childrens Festival
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