Education and Child Sponsorship  

Dee Stringer sponsors a child named Rakesh Patra. Dee has been a sponsor for just over 2 years. She was surprised at how  emotional she gets when she receives news about her child. She received a letter from her child a week before (the letter has been translated to English) and a photograph.

‘The first photo I had of him was a boy of 12 but now he looks very grown up at the age of 14,’ Dee said. ‘I felt very emotional when I saw it.. He comes from a poor family and his father is a farmer. I know from his letters that if I didn’t sponsor him he would not be able to afford to go to school. He has a younger brother who doesn’t go to school.’

Nupur is an intelligent and quiet girl. Her favourite subject is history. She is an only child and her hobby is dancing. Her father is a Casual Traffic Police earning about Rs3200(£55) a month. Her mother died of liver cancer 4 years before. She lives with her father and grandparents in her grandfather's concrete house. All 4 of them live on her father’s marginal income.


Riya is a bright child who likes to draw. In school her favourite subject is Bengali. Her father died 2 years before from a heart attack. She lives with her mother and sister in a house with brick walls but has an asbestos roof. Her mother earns Rs1000(£15) a month working as a househelp. She IIMC for a sponsorshop as she hasn’t enough money to educate Riya properly.


'Wednesday Welcome', a group from St. Georges Church in Hertfordshire started sponsoring these 2 children in 2012.
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